Marco Passoni

Marco Passoni

Photonic chip designer & amateur programmer

About Me

I have a passion for solving problems using technology, making my own and others’ lives easier in the process. At work, I value honesty and commitment. I keep an open mind, analyzing any problem critically to come up with the best tackling strategy using the tools at hand. I’m excellent as an independent worker and I can collaborate well in a team, as I tend to assess every new idea or suggestion in terms of its merits regardless of the source.

+39 335 6390764
San Donato Milanese, Italy

Professional Skills

Development tools (Git, IDEs)
Linux + Docker
Photonics design and simulation
Project Management
Customer Care

Work Experience

Photonic Designer at AFR Milan
Jan, 2023 - Present
  • Development of internal chip design environment. This includes choosing, evaluating, and/or developing tooling for photonic chip design.
  • Responsible of tape-out procedure: chip and wafer layout, validation, and DRC.
  • Management of internal codebase, including software packaging, automatic testing, documentation and CI/CD pipelines.
  • Setup of company DevOps services, such as Gitlab, Pypi, and web servers.
  • Writing of internal knowledge-base and code documentation.
Photonic Engineer at Bright Photonics
Jan, 2020 - Dec 2022
  • Management of small photonic design projects, including tasks and milestone planning, resources allocation, and timeline. scheduling.
  • Design of Photonic Integrated Circuits, including requirements and specifications definition, circuit design and simulation, mask layout and validation.
  • Communication with external partners, such as customers and foundries.
  • Collaboration in the development of photonic IC design tool Nazca Design™.
  • Development of simulation tools and new design strategies.
  • Writing of technical reports and code documentation.
Post-doc researcher at Southampton University
Apr, 2019 - Sept, 2019
  • Research in the framework of the ERC project MODES, for investigation of multi-mode non-linear interactions in integrated photonic waveguides.
  • Numerical modelling and HPC simulations.
  • Use of simulation tools to predict and analyze experimental results.
Research fellow at Pavia University
Oct, 2018 - Mar, 2019
  • Theoretical research on slow-light in silicon waveguide grating.
  • Development of software tools for electromagnetic simulation with different programming languages (python, fortran, C++, CUDA).
  • Running parallel simulation on HPC clusters at CINECA accessible through ISCRA initiative.
  • Scientific dissemination through paper writing and conference presentations.


PhD in Physics from Pavia University
2015 - 2018
  • Thesis title: "Theoretical study of integrated grating structures for Silicon Photonics".
  • Emphasis on numerical modeling of electromagnetic field and development of related software.
  • Emphasis on design of components for Silicon Photonics.
Masters in Solid State Physics from Pavia University
2013 - 2015
  • Thesis title: "Theoretical analysis of diffraction grating for integrated circuits in Silicon Photonics".
Bachelor in Physic from Pavia University
2010 - 2013
  • Thesis title: "Effect of spin dilution in S=1/2 planar antiferromagnet on square lattice".



San Donato Milanese, Italy


+39 335 6390764